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General Medical Clinic focus on control the condition, tertiary prevention and management of acute complications of patients.

Kliniki ya Kisukari ni kliniki maalumu kwa wagonjwa wa kisukari wanaofika Hospitali ya Rufaa ya Mkoa Tumbi.

Kliniki ya Upasuaji inahusika na utoaji wa huduma ya upasuaji wa sehemu mbalimbali za mwili wa binadamu.

Kliniki ya Mifupa ni kliniki inayohusika na wagonjwa wote wenye matatizo ya mifupa

Kliniki ya Watoto ni kliniki inayohusika na kutibu watoto wenye umri chini ya miaka 15.

ENT Clinic do minor procedure including Aurol Toilet, Cerumen removal, Foreign body removal, incision and drainage minor head and neck abscess, Adenotomy/Tonsillectomy/Adenotonsillectomy/Preauricularsinus excision.


Idara ya mama na mtoto imegawanyika katika vitengo vitatu ambavyo ni wodi ya wazazi,wodi ya magonjwa ya wanawake na chumba cha upasuaji cha” Mama na Mtoto”.


Tunajivunia kut...

Kliniki inayohusika na wagonjwa wa Akili.

RCH provides services such as Anti-natal, Post-natal, cervical cancer screening, PMTCT Services and Family Planning.

There are three rooms for Dental unit with a total of 6 staff which include One Specialist, One Dental officer, two Assistant Dental Officers and Dental Therapists and one Dental Technologist. Services offered includes, Complex and Simple Tooth Extraction...

In this unit we treat patients and manage different conditions by using the following modalities:

  •  Manual Therapy
  •  Electrotherapy
  •  Medical exercise therapy
  •  Ponsenti technique - Clabfoot
  •  Stimulation of millstone development
  •  R...

The Hospital provides Nutrition Support for all Malnourished clients attending the hospital with emphasis on pregnant women, People living with HIV and children under five years

This Unit provides Consultation, Diagnostic, Counseling and Treatment services to patients suffering from Tuberculosis and Leprosy. Provider initiated testing and counseling for HIV is also performed in the unit. The clinic operates everyday with average ...