Dira Dhamira na Malengo

  • Dhamira 

Kutoa huduma bora, mafunzo, utafiti na elimu endelevu kwa umma/jamii kutumia vitendea kazi vilivyopo.

  • Dira yetu

Kuwa na huduma zilizo boreshwa, stahiki, zenye usawa na nafuu kwa jamii nzima hasa Mkoani Pwani.


The President of the United Republic of Tanzania issued a Notice on assignment of Ministerial responsibilities (Instrument) vide Government Notice No.144 of 22nd April, 2016. In that Instrument, the President has created a Ministry of Health,Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children which is mandated for formulation of

  • Policies on Health, Community Development, the Elderly Children and Gender and their implementation.
  • Preventive and Curative Services.
  • Chemical Management Services.
  •  Medical Laboratory Services.
  • Medical Research and Nutrition.
  • Food and Drug Quality Services.
  • Medical Supplies.
  • Promotion of Traditional and Alternative Medicine.
  •  Health Services Inspection.
  •  Family Planning.
  • International Health and Medical Organizations.
  • Coordination of NGO dealing with the functions under this sector.
  •  Coordination of International Organization under this sector.

  • Perfomance Improvement and Development of Human Resource Service and their Implementationunder this ministry.

  • Extre-Ministerial Departments, Parastatal Organization and Projects under this ministry.